A Short Update & A Major Life Change

I know I’ve been MIA for the past month but I assure you it’s for a good reason.  To get everyone up to date: I’ve accepted a job with Dropbox and moved myself, my awesome boyfriend, and my two little pups to the wonderful city of San Francisco.  I’ll be joining the Dropbox for Business team helping them to improve and scale their customer onboarding and retention processes.  Leaving Seattle was a really hard choice to make but I’m so excited about this new opportunity, the great team I’ll be working with, and all the great things that are possible at a place like Dropbox.


I’m currently getting my apartment figured out and finding my bearings in the “city by the bay” but once done, my posts will resume as normal.  Thanks for your patience while I pull my hair out trying to fit all my stuff into my super small place.  If you’re in San Francisco/the bay area and want to meet up or have any great suggestions on places to eat/things to see, let me know!