Why I Work the Weekends

Headphones in, sweatshirt on, yes it’s a sunny Saturday outside but I have customers who need answers (this is also why you should own a laptop)

I have a confession: I’m a weekend worker.  I’m one of those people who take their work home with them, literally.  I don’t distinguish between weekdays and weekends simply because I work them all.

So why do I work weekends, holidays, and everything in between the standard 9am to 5pm?  Simple.  Because that’s what my customers need.

Some people may think I’m unlucky for working on the weekends and not having “time to myself”.  I think I’m lucky to have customers who use my product so damn often and not just when they’re procrastinating at their day jobs.  My customers don’t just use my product between the convenient hours of 9am to 5pm, Monday through Friday, and my customers also don’t just think of questions or run into issues during these hours.

“But Alex, can’t your customers wait until Monday?  Do they need an answer on the weekend?”  No they can’t wait and yes, they absolutely need an answer. Before the internet , the old way of doing customer service was using a system that allowed you to interact with your customers as little as possible. The “old” customer service could hide behind their automated recordings telling customers “please press 1 for another recording” and “please call back during business hours”. The “old” customer service could put up these barriers because their customers had no other means of communication (except for snail mail and that was even worse).

Luckily for consumers, the “old way” is no more because customer service has expanded far and beyond the standard 1-800 number.

The internet has made accessing and contacting a company easier than ever before.  And for customer service, there’s no where to hide.  Mark my words: responsive, real-time customer service is not just a passing trend, it’s the new standard for every, single company.

With the internet comes amazing customer service tools such as email, live chat and forums.  This is what I term the “new” customer service. These tools give customer service the ability to get our customers what they need, when they need it and, coincidentally, it creates an expectation among our customers that they should and will receive a fast response.

The “new” customer service is an all hours of the day, all days of the week, all weeks of the year, type of job.  Period.  Some people think customer service is a boring job or a job for pretty much anyone who can formulate a complete sentence.  I disagree.  The “new” customer service is a personality, a mindset, and a certain way of treating customers.  It’s a willingness and a desire to help the people who use your product when they need your help and not when it’s convenient for you.  It’s a feeling of urgency that a faster resolution and a more detailed answer will lead to a happier, more loyal customer which will inevitably benefit your company.  And it’s an understanding that, if you were in the customer’s position, you would want the same high quality of service and care.